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March 20, 2011
The week in IF #49

ROTW: Michael Hilborn reviews Aotearoa

QOTW: “the story being told isn’t being told inside the computer, it’s being told inside the head of the reader, and the reader is tracking everything in a lot more finely-grained detail than the computer is. Our readers, if they’re interested in the story, care about the flow of the conversation, they’re interested in the back-story and detail acquired, they will find a human differentiability between, say, a character decisively taking an action, and one forced into an action by circumstance” — Jon Ingold


"Adaptive pacing for puzzles?"

"Where’s the Writing Lessons? Isnt IF an Interactive Story?"

"Giving CYOAs a bad name; but then, CYOA is a bad name"

"Insights from Blue Lacuna"


"Interactive Fiction Games on The Ultimate Development Platform: Dynamics CRM 2011"

"Font markup extension for web UIs"

"Système perso d’IF" [French chatbot IF]

"Quest 5.0 WebPlayer Demos"

"IF Demo Fair themes: interface"


"Expanding review activities" [interested in IF reviews]

"An intro to interactive fiction" [from the Young Adult Library Services Association]

"Need beta-testers for long game" [by Michael Gentry]

"@party interactive fiction competition"

"Standing testers"

"Resurrecting the Writing Challenge";f=6;t=7848

"IF Demo Fair: ‘what if im the bad guy?’"

"PAX East 2011: Zarf’s anecdotes"

"Thumbdrive Riddler is never gonna give you up" [more PAX East]

"Quest 5.0 is now open source"

"Adventure (350 points): On the worst maze ever"

"Adventure (350 points): On saving and mapping"