May 23, 2011
A note

As you’ve probably guessed by now if you’re a regular reader, I’ve been out to lunch, gone fishin’, and on holiday for a few weeks now —  taking a break after a year of IF URLs to rethink where I’d like it to go. In the meantime a good way to keep up with the IF world is by following @brasslantern, checking the Intfiction forum, and keeping up with the ifwiki

April 10, 2011
The week in IF #52

QOTW: “VictorGijsbers says, ‘I recently encountered a grue in an Adam Thornton game. The result was unspeakable.’” — @ClubFloyd

New Releases

GamesNew Cat

"Inform ATTACK version 2 released"

"ADRIFT 5 goes beta";f=14


"Philosophy and Interactive Fiction" [abstract]

"Creating RIA Interpreter for TADS 3"

"Coding in ALAN 3 using the new standard library"

"Zifmia 2011, A Session Odyssey"

"Lenguaje de programación más simple"


"Ergodic literature and the tabula rasa" [on IF and Facade]

"IF Event in Munich on May 7 2011"

[see also]

"IF-Treffen in München"

"Spring Thing 2011 has begun!"

[see also]

"Spring Thing 2011"

"tornare a giocare"

"ELC 2 Launch at the Bergen Public Library, May 2, 2011" [electronic literature collection]

"CYOAs, remembered"

"IF Demo Fair: Lessons Learned"

"Boston IF meetup date change"

April 3, 2011
The week in IF #51

ROTW: Lipa reviews Scavenger

QOTW: “Modern adventures and interactive fiction tend to a tight room-structure, where no space is ‘wasted’. With a full enough immersion in the world-space I don’t believe rooms are necessarily wasted. I’ll catch myself on that by saying I have experienced many adventure games where wasted rooms are both meaningless and painful (the worst offender I recall is Time Zone) and I can’t mathematize why Zork is different; just the amount of space feels right.” — Jason Dyer

New Releases

GamesMotel California, Escape the Toilet: A Triple Flush

"Announcing: Inform Extensions Search"


"Orden de pasos a definir en una aventura"

"Zork: Open spaces, painful geography"


"Two Stream-of-Consciousness Experiments"

"I7: Guide for Kids?"

"Beginning with Inform 6 in 2011…"

"What are the real upper limits?" [for size of I7 games]

"Gramatica o libreria de acciones(verbos)"

"Zifmia, the Web, and Mobile Devices"

"Building in Testing Commands"

"Undum ‘say’ function"


"Vancouver IF Facebook Group"

"Facebook and Beta-Testers?"

"Prairie Fire" [teaser video for new game by Jason Devlin]

"SpeedIF Jacket 4" [upcoming SpeedIF compo information]

"April Meet-up: Tuesday, April 26 "

"What is your definition of ‘Interactive Fiction’?"

"Racontons une histoire ensemble: History and Characteristics of French IF (Part 1)" [and find part 2 at the same site]

"Grand Prix 2011 Voting Begins" [German language]

"An Amazing Linked List" [on the Introduction to Electronic Literature: A Freeware Guide]

"This is the Closest I’ll Come to a PAX East 2011 Post"

"Zork (original MUDDLE mainframe version)"

March 27, 2011
The week in IF #50

ROTW: Sam Kabo Ashwell reviews When Help Collides

QOTW: “The world of interactive fiction can sometimes seem like a secret club: you can only get in if you know the handshake, and you can’t learn the handshake without getting in. The snake oil sold by the parser affects the initiates but not the masses: if you type the wrong things, it rarely tells you what to try instead.

There are two mistaken assumptions in the perpetuation of this model, both dating from the 1980s: people will read the manual, and natural language processing is an unsolved problem. The first has never been particularly true and is less so all the time, while the second gets less accurate with each passing year.” — Aaron A. Reed

New Releases

"New version of sfrotz interpreter at IF Archive"

"La Muchacha y el Lobo" [new Spanish translation of The Girl and the Wolf by Nick Montfort]

"Player Experience Upgrade Inform 7 extension"

"Interactive Parsing extension, version 2" [Inform 7]

"Renga in Four Parts (IF Demo Fair version)" [interactive poetry]

"INSTEAD IF system now on Android Market"


"Signs of a Newbie - How do I avoid them?"

"Setting as Character in Narrative Games (PAX East 2011)" [video]

[an Inform 7 project design journal by Victor Gijsbers]

"Dungeon design journal #4: making a monster"

"Dungeon design journal #3: design philosophy"

"Dungeon design journal #2: further dungeon generation"

"Dungeon design journal #1: random dungeon generation"

"Adventure (350 points): On the best maze ever"

"Propuesta de interfaz inteligente" [discussion on new Interactive Parsing extension]


"Nuovo sistema di IF per Android" [request for interest]

"Anyone seen a interpreter for Anglesoft games? "

"Is there a glulx client for ipad?"

"Two (yes that’s two) IF clients for the Kindle (z-code only so far)"

"Ideamachine, a generative grammar in Ruby"

"Curveship: A new way to write IF" [interview with Nick Montfort]


"One-turn competition" [Russian language]

"Demo games contest" [Russian language]

"Seeking beta-testers for ‘Koios’"

"The Simple Tale" [call for testers]

"March 26th Meeting Linkdump"

"The Challenge" [new Comp];f=3;t=7861

"Non-Gamers Gaming (PAX East 2011)" [video]

"New Club Floyd transcripts: A Simple Theft, Hunter, in Darkness, PAX East 2011 Speed IFs, Degeneracy"

"IntroComp 2011 underway"

March 20, 2011
The week in IF #49

ROTW: Michael Hilborn reviews Aotearoa

QOTW: “the story being told isn’t being told inside the computer, it’s being told inside the head of the reader, and the reader is tracking everything in a lot more finely-grained detail than the computer is. Our readers, if they’re interested in the story, care about the flow of the conversation, they’re interested in the back-story and detail acquired, they will find a human differentiability between, say, a character decisively taking an action, and one forced into an action by circumstance” — Jon Ingold


"Adaptive pacing for puzzles?"

"Where’s the Writing Lessons? Isnt IF an Interactive Story?"

"Giving CYOAs a bad name; but then, CYOA is a bad name"

"Insights from Blue Lacuna"


"Interactive Fiction Games on The Ultimate Development Platform: Dynamics CRM 2011"

"Font markup extension for web UIs"

"Système perso d’IF" [French chatbot IF]

"Quest 5.0 WebPlayer Demos"

"IF Demo Fair themes: interface"


"Expanding review activities" [interested in IF reviews]

"An intro to interactive fiction" [from the Young Adult Library Services Association]

"Need beta-testers for long game" [by Michael Gentry]

"@party interactive fiction competition"

"Standing testers"

"Resurrecting the Writing Challenge";f=6;t=7848

"IF Demo Fair: ‘what if im the bad guy?’"

"PAX East 2011: Zarf’s anecdotes"

"Thumbdrive Riddler is never gonna give you up" [more PAX East]

"Quest 5.0 is now open source"

"Adventure (350 points): On the worst maze ever"

"Adventure (350 points): On saving and mapping"

March 14, 2011
The week in IF #48

ROTW: Michaelsollien reviews The Elysium Enigma


I’m terribly sorry, but Colossal Cave is closed. Our hours are:

MON – FRI: 0:00 to 11:00
17:00 to 24:00
SAT – SUN: Open all day
HOLIDAYS: Open all day

@Renga in Blue

New Releases

"Release 1.2 of Trizbort, an IF mapping tool for Windows"

"Parchment [web interpreter] has a new domain"

"INSTEAD 1.3.4 released"


"How do you adapt existing story for text adventure style?"

"How long is too long?"


"Testing extensions" [Inform 7]

"Real time parsing I7 demo"

"Introducing Vorple"

"[pyphiverses] Dimensiones de texto en acción" [from design in progress of new IF system]


"PAX East IF photos"

"Interactive Fiction Games Day, featuring ‘Colossal Cave Adventure’" [a broad review of IF

"Quick links to PAX panel videos"

"Call for Beta Testers - The Promise"

"Extra comments about Crowther’s original Adventure"

"ifrus podcast, issue 04"

"URQ demo competition" [Russian language]

March 8, 2011
The week in IF #47

ROTW: Victor Gijsbers reviews LASH — Local Asynchronous Satellite Hookup

QOTW: “I do think one of the immediately powerful and ultimately undermining things in interactive narrative is that the interpretation-as-choice is necessarily more explicit. This gives us more oomph initially but it allows less room for constructive ambiguity. You’re eating your cake rather than having it.” — Alexis Kennedy

New Releases

GamesSNOW, Leadlight [updated to 1.2]

"Default Messages and Custom Library Messages updated" [Inform 7]

"New Inform7 quick reference available"

"Windows Glulxe and Windows Git updated"

"Windows Frotz updated"

"Creare avventure testuali per Computer, iPhone, iPOd, Psp e altri dispositivi mobile. Ecco il software" [HTML/javascript]

"Filfre version 1.00" [z-code and glulx Windows interpreter]

"Disambiguation Control updated"

"The IF Theory Reader"

[see also]

"IF Theory Book"

"Le avventure italiane in un libro americano"


"The project ‘Theory of IL’"


“‘Story design, game design, and the truth’”

"Four talks at GDC"


"Neutral Library Messages: extension beta"

"From a Scrolling to a Static User Interface"

"ADRIFT Accessibility";f=1;t=7815


"Betatesters: Salamander" [in search of]

"Seeking beta-testers: Escape from Santaland"

"A new face for the PR-IF. Comrade." [new website for Boston IF group]

"Observations about Crowther’s original Adventure (1975)"

"The ELMCIP Knowledge Base is Online" [large elit directory]

"Maga’s illustrated IF list"

"A Brief History of the Windhammer Prize" [for gamebooks]

February 27, 2011
The week in IF #46

ROTW: diddlescatter reviews Basic Train-ing

QOTW: “Y en ese sentido hacer un parser inteligente sería un gran avance, sin duda. Pero no creo que pase necesariamente por eso. Al menos, no sólo por eso. Los juegos más populares de la escena inglesa como lacuna o aeoteroa (o como se diga) son bastante amistosos y precisamente lo que hacen es simplificar el modelo de interacción para acciones obvias, unido a la incorporación de tutoriales y ayudas varias.” —


"My Cyber Twin and Me" [on chatbots]

"Story in IF"

"Does IF need man pages?"

"Presente y futuro de la IF"

"Generic search command";f=1;t=7822

"Big Fantasy"


"Watson isn’t the future of the interactive fiction parser"

"Putting TADS games online with jetty?"

"Data Mining Transcripts"

"Mapas accesibles"


"IF group at"

"Get Lamp screening in San Francisco"

"Interview with Paolo Lucchesi"

"[HISPANOS 2010] Nominados"

"XYZZY awards results"

"February Meeting Links"

"March meeting"

"Preview of the IF Demo Fair"

"IF at PAX East 2011 — compleat schedule"

"Video Games as IF"

"DestinyQuest: The Interview" [on gamebooks]

"The Future of Gamebooks?"

February 21, 2011
The week in IF #45

ROTW: Victor Gijsbers reviews Gigantomania

QOTW: “More often than not, when an IF game is bad, it’s because the world behind the parser is poorly designed. The parser takes the blame because the parser looks like it handles the interactions that make up play. We think we should be able to use a given item a particular way, and when we can’t, we blame the messenger. But the verbs that define those interactions aren’t part of the parser. Counter-intuitively, perhaps, they’re part of the world. The parser lets us access them, and it does so impartially. That impartiality is part of its strength.” — @Mad Architect

New Releases

"First Scrum alpha test" [educational game with Parchment hacks planned]

"Trizbort 1.1" [mapping tool]

"The Interactive Fiction of Wikileaks Stories"

"QTADS 2.1.1" [TADS 3 multimedia cross-platform interpreter]


"Recommendations wanted: more plot interactivity, less puzzle"

"Echo Bazaar Inspirations: Fabled Lands"

"The Broken Parser is the Best Thing That Ever Happened to the Adventure Game"

"Repeating task puzzles";f=1;t=7812


"Inform 7 vs. QDK"

"The blue-black ratio"

"About that blue-black ratio"

"Zifmia wireframe" [web interpreter mock-up by Textfyre]

"HTML TADS on Android Devices"

"Adrift on Android";f=1;t=7787


"XYZZY voting extended"

"Choose Your Own Adventure: How The Cave of Time taught us to love interactive entertainment"

"Talk by emily short: ‘beyond the conversation tree: procedural approaches to narrative challenges’ "

"Spring Thing 2011 deadline rapidly approaching"

"You can also see some marketing here"

"A tangent about marketing"

"Unreg comp. 2011";f=3;t=7755

February 14, 2011
The week in IF #44

ROTW: Victor Gijsbers reviews The Argument

QOTW: “‘Abandonware’ is a very slippery term, and some people use it for (IMO) a noble idea of preserving games that would otherwise be forgotten … and some people just use it to prop up their sense of entitlement to any game that doesn’t require the latest graphics cards. There’s a big spectrum there, every shade is represented.” — Ghalev @ Intfiction

New Releases

Games: 15 meses y 1 día

"Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 2 Launches"

"Updated Programmer’s Guide to Inform 7"

"Blorb Thumbnailer for Gnome"


"Flow Charts"


"I7: How best to track knowledge/belief for all characters? "

"How-To: Make an Analog Clock with Sweep Second Hand"


"Life Flashes By: A Conversation" [with Deirda Kiai]

"The IntroComp Dilemma"

"[SPAG] Call for Submissions for Issue #60 (Deadline March 27, 2011)"

"PAX IF Posters Wanted"

"Z-Machine Matter Box Art"

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